This week has gone a little bit pear shaped regarding training, I’m not going to lie…… So I had my last session with my gym partner at the beginning of the week,  that was really quite devastating and then because I have moved out of my uni accommodation and moved back home I haven’t had access to a gym for the 2nd half of the week. However I kind of feel like the couple of days rest I have had as a consequence has actually been quite good for me and forced me have a bit of time to recuperate from the intense first few weeks of the program.

To add to training disturbances, yesterday I had an 18hr flight to get to the holiday destination of Bali ! Which once again meant another day off from training ! (Not being able to train does not suit me well!) so last night after finally reaching our hotel and finding out it has an insane gym, I couldn’t be more happy ! this morning getting back to the program where I left off and finally getting round to the well overdue 2nd legs day of the week just felt so good.
I am not normally one for promoting too many rest days, but in this case a couple of days off has done me some good so if you have been training really hard and feel like it may do you some good to take time out, it might be worth a try once in a while!!
Oh but as always make sure that you continue to eat good foods especially if you are resting and try and still stay relatively active.
Live life and enjoy life
Happy training 🙂