Protein shakes are always a very controversial topic, some people love them, others loath them. I want to share with you my view on what I think about protein powder and what and when they may be effective.

Firstly, protein shakes, normally come in 3 different forms. 1.Whey protein 2. Casein protein 3.Plant based protein

Whey protein isolate: Fast absorbing protein AA hit blood stream faster

Whey protein concentrate: 2hr window slow realising gut into blood stream + easier to make 97percent lactose free.

Casine protein powder: Has the same amino acid profile as whey but is absorbed differently, offering a slow release of proteins instead of fast such as in whey. Its good for boosting protein levels over a longer period of time, for example over night, when sleeping. This can lead your body in a positive state of protein synthesis for longer periods.

Plant based protein: There are many different types of plant based protein powders, for example brown rice, hemp, pea, legume proteins people often choice plant based protein instead of animal protein(Whey/casine) because of digestive issues and lactose intolerance. The main problem with plant based protein powders is normally the texture of the protein can be quite grainy therefore added ingredients such as thickeners, sugar, artificial sweetners etc are often added. Having said that I recently found an amazing Plant based proteinĀ  it tastes like chocolate brownies šŸ˜€Ā Ā I would highly recommend you check it out as by far the best protein powder and actually better than a lot of animal protein powders I have had too!

So when should I have protein powder? Protein powder is a supplement and this means it shouldnā€™t be replaced instead of eating wholefoods, but rather used to supplement the diet. For example if you struggle to reach your protein intake or donā€™t feel like eating a full meal post workout, it can be used to increase protein intake. I would suggest combining the protein powder with some form of carbohydrate; for example, oats or a banana.

My Favourite is to make it into a kind of breakfast bowl.

50g oats

1 scoop chocolate protein powder (30g)

Mixed berries 50g

150ml almond milk

1tsp peanut butter

Mix together and its so yummy !!

I would not recommend having more than 2 protein shakes a day, as I have said, its better to consume your protein from food rather than supplements, however it can be used for convenience and Iā€™m not adverse to advocating protein powders. I would also suggest getting the highest quality protein powder you can without added sugars, hence the reason I have chosen to use the Plant based protein powderĀ .

Why have I chosen a plant based protein ? To be totally honest, the only reason is because I sometimes experience bloating with animal based protein powders. I have tried quite a few different types some good others terrible(WARNING never get a banana flavoured protein powder, VILE !). Personally I quite like Gold standardĀ Chocolate and peanut butterĀ  and USN ChocolateĀ as I feel they are both good quality products and the taste and texture is always excellent with these brands. I usually go for some form of chocolate flavour or vanilla as this can be more versatile if added to recipes.

I know this post is a little bit brief and to be honest, I could go into far more depth on protein powders, but I hope you get the idea, that they can be effective as a supplement (not meal replacement!) to increase daily protein intake. They are by no means necessary though, if you can get enough protein in your diet.

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