Ever since Christmas day, it’s been one of my toughest weeks to date. I’ve had pretty terrible flu. I don’t recall ever or at least for a very long time literally spending 1 whole day in bed, let alone 5. With the exception of a day of flying (feeling like absolute death…..). Anyway not to dwell on the negatives, as its now 2019 and I am finally starting to feel better.

I can’t wait to get back to the gym!

If nothing else, being ill has made me realize how very lucky I am to have excellent health normally and how I too often take my health for granted.

I have been practicing gratitude for about 4 months now and have felt so good since I started doing this. However one thing I hadn’t really been grateful for is my health, I can tell you now I will be extremely thankful for health from now on.

So this post is going to be short and sweet, if you do one thing this year, start being grateful, be grateful for the little things, the big things and everything in between, even in bad situations, there are still things to be grateful for.

Have an Epic 2019