I have been asked a number of times whether I have ever considered becoming vegan, and to be totally honest it’s not something I have been particularly keen on doing, mainly because I love fish and I love eggs! Oh and also I thought it might be quite hard to consume enough overall calories and protein for my training. 

However I had promised a couple of people for some time now that I would take part in going vegan for a month. And while doing so I would keep a diary of the foods I eat and how I feel from the diet. And I thought it would also be good to mention how/ if I feel it has effected my training in a positive/ negative way. 
So Vegan November never happened and neither did vegan January but now I am on holiday with my vegan friend in Bali,the destination that is pretty much made for Vegans, so many cafes and restaurants that are predominantly vegan, vegetarian or raw based, I feel vegan June/July is definitely going to be a goer ! 
So hear goes ….. Vegan for a month ! Join me.
I would love to hear of your vegan experiences, tips you may have for me and any questions 🙂 
Happy animals ????