Online Training for clients

I am extremely excited to announce that I am now offering online personal training. There are many benefits to my clients choosing online training:


Benefits include:


Access to expert knowledge- you have access to my online advice anywhere in the world.


Motivation and accountability of training- I am just a click away. You will be receiving weekly messages to check in on your progress and making sure you are completing your workouts. There are no excuses to miss out on training!


Affordability: online training works out a lot more affordable than training with a personal trainer in the gym.


Being able to workout on your own schedule and location: the workout sessions aren’t done in person, so you have a lot more flexibility with training times (if you don’t want to train in a gym, let me know and a home workout can be designed.)



And most importantly seeing results: everything is online; so it’s track-able, so watch your own progress!


So if you want to join the Rosie Burr training family, drop me a message or email to I look forward to hearing from you.