I know I have gone on about this quite a lot, but I truly believe that in this last year since sept 2018 I have made the biggest steps in my life to discover what I want and how I will get there.

Everyday has and is teaching me about myself. I have become a person that is more capable of making quick decisions. And have identified how I am the only person stopping me achieving anything and everything I want in life.

The most testing time this year has been the last month. I returned from my travels and went back to working in the gym. I was very fortunate to have brilliant clients. However after having complete freedom to then be tied down and stuck inside all day has been extremely difficult for me.

For this reason, I will be leaving buzz.

I will admit buzz gym is fab; the facilities are top, especially for the price you pay. The atmosphere is great and staff and managers are supportive and friendly. However after getting a glimpse of the life I can lead in Asia, its very difficult to go back to spending long days working in a dark and cold environment with no sunlight.

I don’t regret going back to the gym, as I made the decision, thinking it would be the right thing for me to do 2 months ago. However putting things into perspective. I am not waking up loving life. I know things aren’t always rosey, but when you wake up not looking forwards to each day, something needs to change. And the only person to make the change is myself.

You can achieve anything you desire if you want it enough. The more I think and realize this, I can see that I am where I am because, I cultivated, belief, faith and a burning desire to achieve.

I can honestly say the only thing that holds you back from reaching your vision is you. And you need to realise that the journey to your vision is the reward. Yes, I have not really enjoyed the last month, however to a degree, I needed to experience it to know what steps to take on my journey moving forwards.

One of the greatest things you can do is take action. Actions create clarity and this clarity is what’s needed to be able to evolve and see what you need to do next on your journey to reach your vision.

My advice  is to take control of your life. If there are areas of your life you are unhappy with, stop blaming others and make a change. No one else will do it for you, at the end of the day you are in complete control of your journey.