I’m writing this post following the conversation I had with an audience member a couple of days ago. She asked me whether she could interview me. She asked a number of questions, one of them being ‘What do I love about Street Preforming?’ I gave a relatively short answer at the time, as I didn’t have long because I had an audience waiting for me to perform. Later on that day, it got me thinking…. What do I really love about Street Preforming? And I guess here’s my answer.


I absolutely love street performing and I feel so lucky to be able to do it and meet so many lovely and amazing people. The flexibility, unpredictability and sense of freedom I feel and of course doing something that I’m so passionate about, whilst being able to entertain and inspire an audience.


The fact that I earn money is really an added bonus!


I starting street performing about 5 years ago now and if you asked me if I thought I would still be performing 5 years on, the answer would probably have been no.


As soon as the summer or just relatively good weather comes each year, I can’t wait to get back to the streets of Oxford.


To add to this I get to see my fellow buskers, meet up with my friends who live in Oxford and visit the best coffee shops to refuel and recover from performing.


I would say there is never a boring day busking! There’s always something interesting going on, whether that happens to be before, during or after my performance.


Here are a couple of pictures an Oxford tourist happened to take of me a couple of days ago…..

img_2392.jpg 13730524_1030028687065312_410165768_o