I have got to say I am in love with this bar! Chocolaty with a delicious orange tang, and its pretty damn hard beat! It’s  full of natural goodness (100% natural ingredients), it has no added sugar and is 1 of your 5 a day too! These bars are great on the go or as a mid morning snack.

It’s also cold pressed, this means  nutrients won’t be lost in  the same way as when a product is made through heat treatment, making it more of a reason to indulge!

Cocoa Orange Nakd Bar Key Ingredients and Nutrients

Dates are full of fibre, potassium, copper and are rich in many vital nutrients that offer lots of health benefits

Cashews– contain a good source of protein, and are rich in minerals like copper, iron, zinc and magnesium.

Cocoa– rich in polypernals which is a type of antioxidants these helps fight cancer, heart disease and slow down the process of ageing.