If you’ve read some of my other blog posts, you will pick up that I am a massive fan of Dark chocolate! I love the rich intense flavor of cacao and the hit you get from good quality chocolate. When I was lucky enough to be sent Lucocoa Madagascar and Dominican Republic Dark chocolate bars, I knew they were going be instant winners for me!

Firstly I loved the way the chocolate was packaged. Both bars looked so cute and appetizing, from the delectable little coloured labels describing the product and giving info of the batch number to the brown paper with the individual stamps and the straw nest they were laid upon in the box. The combination of these small and special individual details represented the handmade authenticity of chocolate bars.

Anyway unwrapping them was like unwrapping a bar of Willie wonkers chocolate with a winning golden ticket. Ripping through a layer of brown paper and then into a layer of foil with a tiny Lucocoa sticker before finally breaking into the first tiny square of chocolate. And volar it had the perfect snap! Oh and smelt dreamy rich dark chocolate heaven…..


The bars both contained only a couple of the best quality chocolate ingredients (cocoa beans, coconut sugar, lucuma and cocoa butter) this meant they had NO REFINED SUGARS, so as the slogan says they are ‘NOT NAUGTHY/ JUST NICE!’ and totally yummy.

I started with the Madagascar bar, this bar had a very smooth, distinct and I would say rich bodied fruity taste, it was definitely the bitterer bar out of the two but unique in flavor to other all other chocolate bars I have eaten while I enjoyed the bar I have to say the real winner for me was the Dominican Republic bar. This had a very creamy texture, delicious subtle nutty flavor and really melted in the mouth, giving it an indulgent taste. I really cherished every mouthful.

You’ve definitely got to try Lucocoa’s chocolate, and without hesitation dive straight for the Dominican Republic bar! It’s one of the best 70% cocoa bars I have ever eaten and the fact it is free from refined sugar is just a massive bonus.

Check out there products! http://www.lucocoachocolate.com