Those of you have followed my blog, understand that last time I competed in a fitness model comp, I absolutely hated it.

I said that I would never ever compete again.

6 months on, I had a change of heart and out of the blue decided it was time for round 2.

Prep began 8 weeks prior to the comp and the first 4 weeks started in Bali.

Training was fab in Bali, I was in a location surrounded by gyms and fitness fanatics. Diet was a little bit more difficult. I didn’t have a kitchen, so every meal was eaten out. The positive was, that I happened to have a meal prep café literally opposite to where I was staying.

When I did my first prep (summer 2018) I found the whole process a struggle. My heart wasn’t in it, my mindset certainly wasn’t right and to be totally honest, I deviated off plan a lot.

It got to peak week and in my head and the idea of competing depressed me.

This time round, prep was far negative. There was one big game changing factor; MINDSET. I have changed my attitude towards how I approach the period. ‘When you change the way you look at things the things you look at change’.  I reminded myself that I had chosen to compete again and the only reason the experience was negative 1st time round was because I believed to be negative.

This time I decided to do a little experiment. If I thought positively, surrounded myself in a positive environment and believed that prep was going to be fun, how would I find it. It worked wonders. Instead of resenting the process ( I will emphasise) I had chosen to participate. I embraced it. And instead of focusing on how lucky everyone else was to eat what they like and go out when they like, I found comfort in the fact that I had structure, a goal and a competition to prepare for.

To take away from this post, start working on mindset !

Next post on comp food, game changing habits and post show life.

I would love to hear any thoughts, questions and comments you guys have 🙂