I am not going to lie to you guys, this month of intermittent fasting has been very inconsistent. As I said in my last post, it is not a difficult diet to follow if you have a consistent daily pattern. This is because the majority of the fasting can be done over night and then you can either choose to delay you breakfast (for example until 12pm) or finish eating earlier in the evening. Obviously you could make the fast period any time you want, however I think the most popular options fasting till midday or finishing eating 6pm ish and then fasting til 10am.

Why have I found IF to be difficult this month?

The reasons I have struggled are because 1. I have been training in the morning and then doing filming mid day/ early afternoon and this has meant I have wanted to eat post workout and prior to filming, so I don’t feel fatigued and unable to film properly. 2. I have often been eating dinner later than 8pm, (I was expecting to start my fast 8pm) some day’s I haven’t finished eating until 11pm – therefore my fasting window has not been successful.  I am in Thailand at the moment and I don’t have a cooking facility (other than microwave) therefore I eat all my meals out, this also makes meal timing more difficult to control.

My mood when sticking to the fast

I would say that I have stuck to the IF in total about 2 of the 4 weeks. The days I have fasted the 16hours+ I have felt great and definitely seen an increase in my productivity.  I often feel rather tired after eating during the day, so I have found by fasting and then eating bigger meals later in the day to be beneficial.

Would I recommend it to you guys?

Yes 100%, my favourite IF timing is from 8pm-12pm. I find that I experience little hunger in the morning and by drinking water and black coffee my hunger is suppressed. As I have mentioned I am far more productive without having to think about food or experience the post food tiredness.

Next up: OMAD (One meal a day)