Once again I was sent gather foods Crobars ! for those of you who haven’t yet had/heard of Crobars, they are a snack/energy bar containing crickets… that’s right cricket being the insect !!

When the new flavoured bars arrived I was excited to see how they would compare to the other flavours I had previously tried. So intentionally I set out to try one of these new Crobar flavours today and one tomorrow, hmmm that didn’t quite work out. First I tried the new Raspberry and Cocoa Cricket flour bar…. before I say anything else (wow this bar is yummy :D) I actually wanted to try this bar first as the other new flavoured bar is COFFEE and Vanilla (what with my love for coffee!) I thought I would save the best until last!

I have to say although the Coffee and Vanilla bar was rather yummy too, for me surprisingly the Raspberry was the winner! The Raspberry had a real tang to it which I loved.  Raspberry and Chocolate are always a great combo! It’s like having a chocolate brownie with raspberries. The richness from the brownie working perfectly with the sharpness from raspberries.


The previous flavoured Crobars I reviewed were of the Peanut Butter Cricket flavour bar and Cocoa Cricket flavoured bar. Hopefully the reviews can help you make your mind up about what bars to buy!

I can once again  reassure you that you can’t actually taste the crickets and for this reason there really is no excuse for not wanting to try insects!

Further to this the bars are all free from gluten, soya and dairy and contain a decent amount of protein for their size. They are made out of all natural and ethically sourced ingredients and contain no added and for these reasons the Crobar is a delicious and GUILT FREE treat !

I think the 2 new flavored bars are slightly smaller at 30g than the previous crobar flavours I reviewed. This kind of made it a no brainer for me to have 2 at once! but I guess you could just have 1 as a light pre workout snack and to give you a boost of energy.

They are perfect size to take anywhere and everywhere with you if you are feeling a little peckish too.

Lastly I thought I would give you my rank order of all the different Crobars (1st being my favourite and 4th least favourite) 1. Raspberry (it’s a must you have to try how delicious this bar is) 2. Peanut butter (oh the peanutty goodness is just too hard to resist) 3. Coffee(how can you go wrong with coffee and the buzz you get from it :D) 4. Cocoa (classic and tasty)

I would urge you to try all the delicious flavours though! but if you want to start off buying just 1 or 2 to try go with my recommendations 🙂

Thanks again Crobar and I have so much cricket love for your products and of course helping contribute towards a better and more food sustainable future using tasty insects!


Get your Crobar @  http://gathrfoods.com